About Us

Smarty is a software company based in London, founded in 2013.

We’re not just software developers – we’re a group of entrepreneurs who understand the business and its challenges. We understand the common problems that new and growing companies face, and our work with intrepid entrepreneurs and their requirements was what inspired us to develop Smarty. Leads generating, marketing, networking, funding and financial information are part of the long list which should be considered carefully at the beginning of any business. But the question is how these features could be all integrated into the system.

Company CEO and Founder Dr Farhad Reyazat explains:

“As a business owner, & founder of few companies I was under constant pressure from challenges faced by growing business. Having right information at the right time is the key issue for successfully overcoming these challenges. When I started the first business our team was solely focusing on providing customer service, upselling, and following up payments. These activities take a lot of time if you are running a company with one thousand clients and few employees.

As part of my job, as CEO of the company, I take an active role in establishment, financing and management of over 3000 Start-up and small business in UK, I had been living and breathing small business, helping entrepreneurs do everything from scratch to running a successful business in UK. After years of listening to small business owners’ needs, and combining my academic background with professional experience in business development, I came up with an idea with my business partners. What if we could develop an integrated software that would solve the problems that new and growing enterprises face?

That was when I and other co-founders including CMO, Agnes came up with the concept of Smarty. It took us two years to launch this ground-breaking product, which we believe will change the way small businesses work.’’

Our goal

We are committed to providing the best all-in-one business management solution available to the small business. We want to help busy people reduce their workload so they can spend less time on everyday tasks, and focus on moving their business forward. And here’s the important bit – we want to do it at a rate that is affordable to people with a smaller budget.

Our promise

We promise that Smarty will change your business (and eventually life) forever. This powerful software is extremely easy to use, saves you heaps of time, with affordable cost.

We are also constantly working on improving the system, adding new functions and options and we promise not to charge you for any of those upgrades.

Lastly, we guarantee that you will love Smarty if not, we will give you your money back! Guarantee includes three first weeks since starting using Smarty.


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