Company Insight

Up to date Data

Keeping our data accurate and up-to-date is the first priority of Smarty, that’s why millions of people rely on us to supply corporate data every month. The majority of our data are updated instantly and other data are updated within 24 hours.


The data on Smarty are sourced from governmental bodies, official registrars and information from the companies themselves. This diverse data is then systematically cross-referenced against one another, minimising discrepancies.

Latest Activities

Smarty tracks every corporate filing occurring within a company. This information is then seamlessly displayed in a chronological order to help you identify relevant opportunities and risks. This includes when a Director is appointed or has resigned, all Accounts and Returns submitted, and when dues and charges are created or satisfied.

Company Credit Report

Credit Score & Limits

Our advanced credit scoring algorithm is designed with precision to minimise all risks. We'll inform you exactly how much to borrow and give you a complete financial understanding of your current customers for you to decide what risks they truly pose.


A complete insight into the current and financial history of a Company. This includes 5 Year Financial Accounts, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Profitability Ratios.

Recent Document Filings

Companies are required to submit document filings of any changes to Companies House. Our Comprehensive Company Credit Report displays the most recent filings - so staying up to date couldn't be easier.

Company Explorer


Build custom business lists with our advanced filter system. Select additional premium information for your chosen companies, then export the data instantly and efficiently to empower your research. This is available in CSV format.


Research on companies can be categorised by Location. Filter your corporate list by Registered Address, this includes: Towns, Postcodes and Counties. Find all the companies you want in areas selected by you.

Over 35 Filters

With over 35 different filters, Smarty offers you an advanced system that intuitively works with you to create a custom business list that’s ideal for you. This includes filtering by Geography, Incorporation Date, Status, Type, Size, SIC and No. of Employees.